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Pick & Choose Fruits

The company monitors and evaluates the sources of local and international fruits to ensure the selection of fruits of high quality and freshness. Fruits are inspected and sorted according to set standards before they are purchased and exported

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The company takes care of the efficient packaging of fruits in a way that preserves their quality and prevents damage during transportation. Special packaging suitable for each type of fruit is used to ensure preservation and protection from damage

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Logistics & Transportation

The company organizes the shipping and transportation of fruits from farms to their final destination. It cooperates with shipping companies and transport brokers to ensure the smooth and on-time arrival of fruits. It also provides tracking and follow-up services for shipments to customers

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Customs Clearance

The company completes customs clearance procedures for exported fruits and submits the necessary documents to the customs authorities. Ensures compliance with local and international export related laws and regulations and minimizes delays and potential problems

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Providing Information & Consultations

The company provided information and consultation to customers regarding their needs, market requirements, and local and international legislation related to the export of fruits. The company helps customers make appropriate strategic decisions and provides technical support and expertise in the field of fruit export

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Marketing & Promotion

The company helps in marketing and promoting exported fruits in target markets. She advises on marketing and promotional strategies and helps in developing a strong brand for exported fruits.

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